Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to improve the agency's initiative

Improve the agency's initiative is doing a good job in this market success is to measure the success of a business staff an important criterion, the service personnel during the operation in the market, not only good business to complete the sales task is more important mobilize the enthusiasm of sales agents, to do careful and meticulous market and train agents on brand loyalty, trust enterprises, helping agents to solve practical problems in the market, increase product sales. Market operations personnel should be handling this mental and physical, ground moving mouth, diligence and feet, a multitude of things, I passed many years of market operation and understanding of the market, simply be summarized as follows:

1, more communication and exchange of information symmetry

鈼?agents in the process of cooperation with enterprises manufacturers want the attention and support, multi-agent communication can solve the existing psychological concerns, elimination of unnecessary misunderstanding.

鈼?communication and exchange of communication, timely delivery on business policy will be manufacturers, but also the wishes and requirements of the business can report to the enterprise.

鈼?full communication and exchange of well pave the way to solve the problems.

鈼?To have a multi-directional communication, communication between all levels of business, the regional market levels, the communication between agents, communication between neighboring regions such as agents, communication can make the products to maintain uniform pricing linked operation communication between businesses could close the feelings, to some extent prevent the market's changing commodity.

2, more brains, more thinking, more ideas

鈼?business ideas in the course of business, the more homogeneous pattern of China operations, the operation of market inertia, not the inculcation of new ideas, difficult to break through in the sales business platform for more ideas to improve the cohesion of its own operational staff.

鈼?Only to think more about business opportunities can be found.

3, more research, more analysis, good staff

鈼?Research on competition in the market, the analysis of market competition, understanding the trend of market competition, market conditions for operating the plan for the business plan.

鈼?help the agents of operation.

4, hyperactivity port, multi Pao Lu, do more practical work

鈼?says a thousand words, thousands of miles away, to seek market opportunities, development of distribution network.

鈼?ground return visit clients at all levels, discover and solve problems.

5, more active, more involved, to grasp market
鈼?can not be lazy, to develop individual work plans, and actively doing things.

鈼?to participate actively in the affairs agents, only a better understanding can better participate.

鈼?by doing things better grasp the current situation, to grasp business opportunities.

6, more motivation, more self-motivation, confidence building

鈼?multi-agents more incentive to enhance confidence in the market agents do, dare to invest.

鈼?have confidence in their products, bent on doing things for the enterprise.

鈼?confidence in ourselves, to have good market determination.

7, more rational, less Jizao, pragmatic

鈼?do market to the fact that realistic, rational things.

鈼?Anything process not be so anxious.

8, more friendly, more consultation, empathy

鈼?The business to be friendly, treat people with appearance.

鈼?encounter problems to settle, not arbitrary attitude of life.

鈼?often empathy, and more consideration for others.

9, multi-service, less command to move people

鈼?open mind to the agents learn to market a low profile.

鈼?establish a services market, service agents thought to work in good faith to move people.

鈼?mandatory tasks to more experienced companies to communicate with agents to help the agents to solve problems, and properly done.

10, playing FALSIFYING, control prices, maintain market

鈼?firmly against changing commodity market, maintenance of peace one market.

鈼?effectively manage the product price, to keep the product life cycle.

11, efficient, fast-paced, do solid work

鈼?To really put to work, to do things quickly, think of things we should do, when not wait for me.

鈼?One of the things to grasp in the end, must not give up halfway, on the ability to solve problems on its own to communicate to one level, good use of resources.

12, multi-sum, more contrast, tapping the potential self-

鈼?more of their work to sum up, summing up the work stage to remind you what to do.

鈼?Comparison of stage work, insufficient and may be found in the glittering success.

鈼?by summarizing, comparing self-re-tapping the potential can be further increased.

13, multi-conversion, look for positioning, adapted

鈼?business personnel should play multiple roles: instructors, waiters, porters, direct sellers, monitors, messaging and so on.

鈼?in different roles to find a good position different from their own efforts to adapt to this positioning.

14, more united, more cooperative, win-win vendor

鈼?improve the service markets in solidarity, unity and certainly do not perform well in bad markets.

鈼?handle the business relationship with a goal towards a direction, can really do a good job market.

鈼?understand the Chang Shang a truth, relying on networks to deliver products, business network is a network of various enterprises to realize the profits by market, investment through our products to profit, manufacturers eventually win.

Meanwhile, during the operation in the market to overcome the following practices:

1, to overcome the spoon of work: forcing agent distribution 脳 脳 species, forced to fight other delivery models, this approach often leads to emotional agents operating market.

2, to overcome the Banded type of work: short-term demands effective business, sales volume, cash flow is often caused by the fixed agents, selling cheaper, leading to lower profits, distribution, without enthusiasm, agents premature mortality.

3, to overcome the marketing tasks for the completion of the work of the passive: tired all day tasks for sales, not really from the market to tapping the potential, the task force pressure on businesses, causing a serious backlog of business inventories, a negative impact on the market.

4, overcome only do a single role: only do information workers, or only do porters, and other direct sellers, agents played no guidance, oversight role, not to the positive regulator of dynamic agents, at best, only one agent Primary staff. Market Operations staff to achieve both direct and guide, both the incentive and constraint, both services are monitoring both retreats and pragmatic, not only for the company consider it to be considered a comprehensive human resources market.

5, the cost of overcoming the lack of the concept of style: good dealer service, improve agent's enthusiasm, not to say that agents should support all the requirements, concepts and cost concepts should be of interest.

6, to overcome the simple task decomposition sales: business people can not simply indicators of corporate sales tasks decomposition of decomposition to the agent, and compel it to complete, must not allow business sense for you to complete the task of enterprise sales targets day busy, in fact, reflect the performance of operational personnel and agents from the performance, must not cart before the horse.

7, to overcome the working methods of the single: every turn to threaten to cancel the proxy agent, this is a cursory, not an inability to show respect for others. Business away from your products will have the same happy and at ease, because now is not the seller of the times already.

8, to overcome to take any cheap ideas: is the process agent services can not be required to give agents the convenience of personal life, but can not ask for special interests, only clean and honest words have weight, and management skills in place.

9, overcome laziness, and so on through to thinking: the market is constantly changing, highly competitive, thought to be difficult to catch up with other people, let alone to wait? Think of things we should seize the time to implement, need to communicate on a phone call at any time, can not push back one-third of a second.

Overcome in order to attack competitors to do the market approach: to belittle other people must not raise their own, only through innovative marketing ideas to participate in the competition is the only way out.


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7 Steps to escort your USB device

Now, like USB flash storage device such individuals have become so powerful, and they begin in a variety of common enterprise. These devices would have applications as a consumer product, so a general lack of security, control and auxiliary management tools. Without hesitation, with many employees of their office supplies from a local center who bought crude storage device, take the work out of home or workplace. Millions of people with personal storage devices, these innocent little tool was used to expand the impact of malicious attacks, and other such illegal attempts to steal information from the company.

Even if one is careful to use the equipment, stored in a USB hard disk data has not been included in the company within a number of conventional procedures, such as backup, encryption, or asset management. How those companies can track these devices out of the company's data? In this case, to protect the security of corporate data to any company's IT department, it is a great challenge.

Recent events

Recent industry events have been cause for concern, leading IT experts recognized the need to use new strategies and techniques to protect the stored personal information in a storage device.

What follows is the information in the people who take home some things:

A professor from the University of Kentucky found that his memory was stolen, so he had 6,500 students in the privacy of information on the risk. These data include student's name species, age and personal social security code, which will lead to thousands of people in the threat of identity theft, not to mention the invasion of privacy that they had.

Afghan bazaar outside Bagram, the people selling classified military information with the flash. U.S. forces then realized they had to protect USB hard drive data security, to find ways to track these devices and ensure that important information from unauthorized employee access.

Safety Tips

If the employee's information is stored in non-protected personal storage device, then they will go out one company at risk. Audit firm will face the risk of information leakage bill, and if the patient's information fall into the wrong hands, the hospital would suffer, and there are financial companies also need to ensure that confidential data is not lost. Once the company data falling into the wrong hands, no doubt the company will face great risks and threats. Company will lose credibility, involved in litigation, as well as a result of employees being stolen identity information or deceived - and so a series of troubles.

The risk of personal storage devices can be divided into the following:

As the device is lost or stolen, data leakage caused by

Unauthorized data extraction

The introduction of malicious code

Concerned about the loopholes in corporate USB devices

Market, hundreds of one million kinds of USB storage devices, confidential corporate data flow has been here - and facing the risk of lost or stolen. Sensitive corporate data loss caused by the potential loss of several times daily in exponentially growth, this situation makes it more and more emphasis on mobile storage devices for the need for appropriate security measures. The following is associated with the mobile storage device of some major security issues:

Data Leakage - In order to minimize the risk of data leaks, businesses should be limited to staff use only company approved USB devices.

Rules and regulations - all organizations should ensure that they follow the rules and regulations of government and security - such as SOX, HIPAA, GLB, California SB and FISMA - in order to reduce the possibility of data loss. First, they need to do is to establish a clear security policy, the policy announced by the staff and through the use of monitoring, tracking and backup all the technology on mobile devices and other means to strengthen these strategies.

Data loss and technical support costs - despite the introduction of several measures, the company's data is lost or stolen may be, so have efforts to reduce losses due to the failure. USB devices provide the company recognized that this approach enables companies to recover lost data and to reduce the loss of activity occupies the active position.


What can be done to strengthen its enterprise personal storage devices for security measures it? People use many kinds of hardware and software solutions, from data encryption to authentication, anti-virus software, and other monitoring options.

Queshi, people can take several solutions, such as closure of the port, to the storage device encryption and right Shujujinhang software Jiami; Danshizhexie programs do not solve the key question: can not 鎻愪緵 for Tai Duoshuo Shanchushebei the Quanmian Anquanfangan.

Protection of personal storage devices step 7

Following these steps will help your company to protect the security of personal storage devices, both not on the network.

1. Is always to define and publish a strategy on the personal storage device.

2. By the company for personal storage devices.

3. To ensure that equipment is fully encrypted.

4. To ensure that users can not avoid security measures.

5. Maintain the data stored in the device's monitor.

6. Be able to repair the data on personal storage devices.

7. To ensure the company's program is sufficiently comprehensive, meaning that it allows you to safely store data on USB drives, can the company control of internal and external environment, the use of all removable devices, and can focus on the management company paid USB device.

Today's business world, the value of mobile storage devices can be self-evident. Similarly, it is clear that the company should take the initiative to integrate these devices to their storage and security policy. Take appropriate measures, including the choice of protection and surveillance data simultaneously and techniques, and follow the relevant regulations of the strong data protection strategies to ensure employees are using company provided the drives and so on, so that enterprises can protect their data safe.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3ds max cattle production throughout Korean beauty Song Hye Kyo

It is written by an Indonesian 3ds max tutorial. This works really great, but the instruction was too broad, and just a great concept, but the case first and share with you anyway to say.

(Figure 1 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 2 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 3 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 4 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 5 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 6 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 7 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 8 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 9 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 10 - Click image to view original picture)

(Figure 11 - Click image to view original picture)

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MSN users frequently worry about strangers raid computer data leakage

Mid-week, instant messaging between friends suddenly coming into "strangers", and the operator because "the trust between friends," to allow the door, but to who is to "sell" clothes, shoes and other goods, "Hawker . "

Operating MSNMessenger of Microsoft, said this may be the user logged on other malicious websites, resulting in personal information being stolen, but MSN itself did not open this "door."

Suddenly burst into the "want to slowly grow old with you"

For public relations firm working CHEN Chun-ping, the day after a few minutes to the office are programmable: Turn on your computer, log MSNMessenger, then leave the seat down a glass of water. But the day before yesterday, when she came upon the water returned to their seats, MSN unearthed in a prompt, life finally got some new ideas.

"One is called 'i want to get older' person who added me, although the names are not familiar with, but generally no stranger MSN." Before, CHEN Chun-ping only met a stranger in MSN, it is hoped that Turkish chat with Chinese boys, and there is no malice, so this time she did not hesitate to add the "i want to get older."

CHEN Chun-ping greetings to each other, each other's play, "I am for the new blog" response, followed by a row of strange website. CHEN Chun-ping try to open a web page: "eyes full of full of clothes and shoes, and 'marked price'." She just added one understand their MSN advertising robot.

Since adding MSN contacts were identified through the e-mail, the other side if you do not know your MSN e-mail address private, so it would not know an account. This is different from "dissemination of small ads" and "intermediary approach" for CHEN Chun-ping are extremely confused, "My e-mail address is usually printed on business cards, that is, when we spend interpersonal, and personal information are generally delivered at a friend's acquaintance room. "

CHEN Chun-ping, but such experience is not limited to one person.

There have been fears of computer data leakage

May 30 and 31 for two days, a considerable part of the MSN user login as long as the date for the first time will find "hawker" in the figure, in addition to selling clothes and friends, even under the guise of marketing blog, click into the ambiguity of erotic pictures are there . Advertising gimmick is the "blog last update, there are a lot of wonderful pictures and welcome concern", or "affordable XX brand clothing, seeing is believing."

Compared to other instant messaging tool QQ, MSN has been providing search capabilities, always keeping their "work acquaintances chat" feature. However, the emergence in recent days a large number of MSN robot, making "acquaintance chat" encountered a bit of a challenge this notion.

"Although the robot is not difficult to remove these ads, but will delete them together, come and go very annoying." Zhao Zhen staff, said in recent days added to his strange robot chaos MSN, has affected his work.

Another part of the MSN users worried that users often add application name to "make efforts", often by easy identification, we use more English, and "old friend" of the new appearance, makes hard to detect. Once the computer virus to apply, whether the information the computer may have leaked?

Microsoft said it does not disclose personal information

In response, Microsoft's PR agency in Shanghai, said Miss Zhao, Microsoft did not disclose your personal information, other factors may cause a large number of robots in recent days appear MSN advertising. She said that a number of websites registered member, under the guise of a user's MSN account and password, can be successfully registered, resulting malicious MSN account information was stolen, and the user added "Friends" mailing address will also so outside vent. "Network hawkers" who thus wantonly to add, expand advertising positions.

At the same time, Microsoft does not rule out "network vendors" in mass, the user may add arbitrary random, will receive spam mail as many reasons, extremely complex.

Microsoft said that the current view of this, "psoriasis" is not real-time monitoring capabilities, "because we are all users as MSN Messenger, and MSN itself, and no technical defects caused by the fans 'ad the door' open. Therefore suggested that the most Add a good confirmation for those, and then allowed to join, so as to avoid accidents. "

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Thunder look at real-time on-demand player in the player to build pan-

Thunder players have been to see our favorite video, recently released a new version which can be functional in the play: not only can play movies on your hard disk, it can play network video, It also can support Thunder 5 broadcast feature below the edge. With the new release, we can better experience the unique charm of her.

Software Name: Thunder look at players (Thunder AV)

Software Version:

Software Size: 28472k

Software licensing: Free

Application platform: Win9X Win2000 WinXP Win2003 Vista

Download: Thunder look at players (Thunder AV)

First, direct broadcast network video files

Thunder player to see a new version of Internet video playback support, we just click the "Menu" 鈫?"File" 鈫?"Open URL", enter the following URL address if you can play (Figure 1).

Figure 1, the network directly play video files

Second, play video files in seeds

We also can click "menu" 鈫?"File" 鈫?"Open the BT seed file", then open the appropriate seed files. In addition, we can also drag and drop files directly to the seed to the Thunder to see players play the. Note that, if the seed file contains multiple video files, which will automatically add the video to the playlist, the default play the first video (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 seed in the video player

3, Play film library and large files

In addition, the Thunder players also support the Thunder look to see film library and large, can do a direct broadcast network video. Click on the top of the "film library" button, and then you can see the Thunder look at the content (Figure 3). Selection, the player will enter the play list! Is worth mentioning that the film library in the film classification more intelligently, we can quickly find the movie you want.

In addition, we also can click the "theater" button to switch the interface to the theater, where all the large Thunder to see children, also can give us more and better enjoyment.

4, support the broadcast function Thunder 5 side below

Thunder 5.9 has a feature to see players with the Thunder, you can download the video to achieve real-time playback, and will not affect download. First, we look to open Thunder player, and then click "Menu" 鈫?"View" 鈫?"System Settings" command, followed by the open window, click "related" tab, then click the bottom right pane " Select All "button, and select the" Always maintain a file association "check box, and then click" OK "button (Figure 5). In this way, Thunder to see our players become the default player.

Figure 3 the Thunder to see players set to default player

Next, when we download download movie, there may be as shown in Figure 6, the window, click the "Play" can be conducted after the broadcast side below (Figure 7). If we did not find or ignore the window in Figure 6, you can download the resources in the Thunder 5.9 s when the right-click and select "Play" command (Figure 8) to direct play.

Figure 4 tips you can directly play the next edge

Figure 5 Direct Play manual preparation


Below to achieve the broadcast side, the average download speed must be at least 640Kb / s (co-80KB / s), and maintain more than 10 seconds.

Suggestions after 10% download to preview, in order to obtain better results.

5, hard disk playback film stability

Thunder has a strong look at the players in addition to the direct playback of Internet video capabilities, the local hard drive for movie playback is also no less. It is a small, steady player, use the mouse to drag and drop movie progress bar, Thunder players will immediately jump to see the appropriate office, almost "seamless switch." Moreover, the Thunder players, though small to see, but "the sparrow may be small, but perfectly formed." It is not only powerful, but also compatible with the market almost all video and audio formats and also can play the now popular high-definition video. Meanwhile, the Thunder look at player also supports skinning operation, can be allowed to become more fashionable. In addition, as a player, Thunder to see audio-visual player also can be said to be acceptable, almost all of our players to meet the demand.

Overall, this version of the Thunder players to see the biggest features is the pan in the play, that is, in addition to playing hard on the films, almost all of the network are able to directly play the video. In fact, with the popularity of Internet video, broadcast video directly to achieve the Internet has become a strong demand for everyone. This can save a lot of time, similar to the direct realization of VCD / DVD in real time on-demand results. The reason why the Internet is difficult to achieve smooth video, because video is often relatively large (high-definition video is more), the demand for higher bandwidth. High-speed data transmission network is the Thunder host the company's core competitiveness, so use the Thunder players will be able to see a comprehensive breakthrough in achieving high-speed networks, real-time video playback.


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Communities of practice: learning continuously charge!

Communities of practice (CoP) is a problem, opportunities and possible solutions to those who share a common interest in learning the composition of the group.

These groups can work together to help members accelerate the pace of research and development business results and increase value.

Everyone can not be separated from others and learn from the external environment to learn. To attract members with the power of both occupations, but also social. Both are critical to the success of the CoP.

First, the "Professional Practice" is very important because group members were concerned that the "real work" obtained knowledge.

In addition, the study is sociability, because the CoP is based on familiarity and mutual trust. CoP members can help by finding and sharing best practices, and the establishment of social resources throughout the organization.

How CoP affect business success? Staff engaged in knowledge management recently studied the non-structural, or default of the importance of knowledge, and social networks in innovation and knowledge creation role. Many people believe that CoP can provide an environment to develop tacit knowledge, training and extension.

CoP can exist within a single organization, or a single sector, but also spread to a number of organizations. Out in the CoP to develop an idea could lead to a new production line, or by reducing the execution time of IT projects or measures to bring better jobs to save millions of dollars. For example, the Silicon Valley CIO Community of Practice (CIO-CoP) has begun to define the terms of purchase contract software best operating practice, which is conducive to the buyer, but also conducive to the seller.

So, SoP look like, how it work? As an example, we are currently promoting two CoP, although different, are based on the IT-CoP.

CIO Community of Practice

CIO Community of Practice (CIO COP) was established in 1997, is a payment of the CIO community. The first formal meeting was held in 1998. The CoP unusual, because its members come from different companies, they want to define their own goals, to find topics of common concern. The participants set the basic principles of their own, and decided to implement and meeting time. They want to cover all topics of CIO responsibilities and obligations, including:

People: training and training IT personnel, IT organizations for the grand cause of the future depict vivid picture. In the management of personnel, internal and external customers in partnership to help IT organizations to actively promote to promote business growth.

Technology: selection and use of appropriate technology for the organization and its stakeholders to maintain contact, and direct benefits to the entire organization.

Process: establishing effective and efficient process for organizations to provide information to help users to create strategic and tactical advantage.

Practice: the establishment of standards and test procedures to help us understand the success.

In the most advanced years, CIO CoP has grown, and rapidly changing. More than 20 companies CIO participation; a half days each month's meeting chaired by a member of the company. Almost all of the meetings, including at least two "expert speaker", they form and lead an interactive community members to discuss topics. In this section, after the end of the content is another important meeting: a not only promote professional exchanges to promote social interaction dinner. We provide a summary of each meeting, along with presentation materials, and for the CoP members to build a library for reference. In regular meetings, members can work together to write a book called "CIO Wisdom" and a book by Prentice Hall publishing.

Silicon Valley application / system software CoP

Silicon Valley application / system software CoP (A / O CoP) was established in mid-2001, similar to the structure and CIO CoP. Comprising two or more managers for each company-level IT staff. Every month they hold a half-day conference on, plus dinner. The CoP members are slowly building trust and familiarity of the relationship that the sharing of knowledge for innovation is necessary. Meeting, the members of the Cisco system with in-depth study of IT in mergers and acquisitions in the role, this is an example of this.

CoP appreciation for the value chain. CoP through the exchange of experience and Silicon Valley, as well as community members and speakers and discussions, we found from different groups are involved in activities in the value of CoP. Here are some of the benefits:

For members of the benefits:

Frank, interactive discussion. Silicon Valley CIO Cop and A / O CoP model is the commercial, members of the limited number (generally less than 25) to facilitate interaction and intimacy. Conference on dialogue model, discuss a common topic in IT, with emphasis on interactive questions and listening, rather than debate. As the CoP is to promote growth and learning, openness is more important than the right. This does not mean that all members must agree to the speaker is always the view, whether among members, between members and speakers, or between speakers is true. But, regardless of the exchange and more intense, they are well-intentioned.

Trust network. For CoP members and organizers, the intimate relations are very important to the continued success of CoP. People are more willing to believe the person familiar with the experience, and these people have shared their experiences. The dinner portion of the meeting participants the opportunity to become a storyteller, simulation and managers outside the CIO position, eventually become friends.

Learning opportunities. By analyzing the best practices, members can learn many new products, solutions and services. They can get from the company or other companies career opportunities, get peer recognition, or explore new job opportunities for the next (although we do not encourage the jumps!) Members, without exception, the expansion of the professional circles, have been professional training and learning opportunities, but also have been happy!

Ongoing communication and reference. Outside the monthly meeting time, members, organizers and speakers of all communication between the through e-mail, telephone, or sponsor on-line forums. Representative of the communication, conversation quality and attention to detail complete CoP services are an important part.

The benefits of the speaker:

Target audience. IT organizations that make a difference in the company representatives have a unique opportunity: in an informal environment with the highest level of the target audience to discuss the issue. They must show that the problem for the CIO within the field of knowledge, and show how their company or products help solve these problems. This is not a "hard sell", but a chance to show. Or by showing awareness of the problem products, suppliers and members can establish a continuous connection.

Learning and business intelligence. Speakers often have the opportunity to learn from competitors, products and services, learn about the areas they are not familiar with it, but also display their opportunities.

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Vacations MPEG to iPod

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